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Vineyard Project


The Vineyard Project Overview

The Vineyard Project is an invitation to professionals in core areas to come together and transform the following three sciences into useful technologies:

“Mileva Dissonance Theory”

“Emergent Geometry, Structure and Force”

“Fermat Space”

Some of the technology concepts covered in the book are outlined below:

  • Continuous Wave Data Processing
  • Continuous Wave Data Software
  • Disk Packet Sharing
  • Disk Bandwidth Sharing
  • DAWN Services
  • Decision Assisting Worldwide Network
  • Complex Systems Analysis

A goal is also to increase the research effectiveness of the human, health, and economic sciences by pushing forward the reach and scope of complex systems analysis.

Meliva Fermat Fractal


Mileva Dissonance Theory alongside the new mathematics of Fermat Space imply a new type of computer design that returns to a very old idea: wave processing rather than binary data processing.

The advantage is that any dataset of any size can be processed, or computed, at the same speed. In other words, a dataset with a billion points may be transformed, that is, a mathematical manipulation may be performed on the dataset, such as addition and subtraction, at the same rate no matter how small or how large the number of points in the set.

In the computer system, the dataset is one object rather than many.

This is made possible due to the fact that as more data is gathered or processed the “Fermat Storage Set,” becomes smaller and smaller as data is added.

This is possible because the structure of the data is the same as Fermat Space. It becomes an encrypted structure rather than becoming a larger and larger library of more and more books that take more and more time to access.

This type of computer system can also produce a true multivariate correlation. This is currently not possible with the statistical models in use today. All current statistical models use an adaptation of single correlation.

This means that a large set of data and variables are collapsed into one large synthetic variable and the percentage to variance, the outcome, is assigned to each variable but not with any causational confidence.

This is one reason it is possible to say in a scientific sense that we do not know that smoking causes cancer but with common sense we know that it does.

In a complex system a small contribution to variance may spark a critical point in the system, due to many outside influences, which causes a large series of chain reactions.

The correlation of determination, the amount of variance assigned to one particular part of the statistical model, does not allow us to fully understand the sensitive points of the system-it is only a small picture of a changing and living complexified state.

The application to the business world is rather profound.
For example, the multivariate nature of Fermat Space allows for real-time data assisting.

For example, a new business owner may be able to turn on his computer in the morning and have forty responses to those who have a 99% chance of being interested in his new service.

The probability path can be calculated out to decimal points in the billions. For example: .00000~9 to a billion decimal points. That probability path will then be automatically matched with any other within a probability range.

Math Publication

To download the full PDF, Click Here

The more decimal points out from zero the better. Any matching number can be matched up with a large number of other probability paths. This results in a decision profile that predicts the true likelihood that these individuals have a common set of interests and buying patterns. We are all different but we share similar likes and dislikes.

Anyone participating in the network can be automatically notified of a possible match.

For example, a person buying a hot dog in Chicago at a baseball game, who had purchased a cup of coffee in the morning, between the hours of 8am and 10am, and has a love of the ocean, and has made many trips to California, and is five years from retirement, and has four million dollars in a savings account, may have a complementary probability profile with other people who are interested in buying a beach house in California that has an architectural style that matches old houses in Italy.

In the entire world there may only be forty people, at that point in time, and on that day, that have a matching profile, all with different events but with an underlying correlation, and they may all be living in different parts of the world.

To the person starting a business selling beach houses on the coast of California, it would be great to have access to those forty people who decided on their own to respond an invitation to take a look at a beach house as a second retirement home.

Phone calls are made, appointments set, and sales are finalized-wealth is added to the economy in a matter of weeks that would otherwise not have been possible. It could cost millions of dollars to form the correct advertising and marketing campaign to get to just those particular forty people. For a person starting a small sales office it would not be possible to invest that type of money.

One of the main reasons for new business failure is that it is massively difficult to reach out to just the right customer base at just the right time before money runs out.

This is one of the reasons that word of mouth networking is so powerful. It is a form of common sense “DAWN” data processing in everyday interaction.

It is a given that the potential for economic development is enormous and that the formation of many new small businesses would be possible in any part of the world.

All of these fantastic concepts can be brought to life only through the help of others who have the expertise to move beyond the theory and make it happen.

If you have received a letter requesting that you join the Vineyard Project and would like to participate please fill out the information below and you will be sent information on the forums and workshops and initiatives in development.

Your help is needed.

Thank you for your interest.

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