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The concepts that form the basis of “Our Moment of Choice, Walking the Crucible of Our Creation” come from many intellectual traditions. Thousands of professional researchers and practitioners have dedicate their lives to seeing the world differently and many of the ideas in this work build upon their vision.

In this generation a rainfall of new ideas have exploded onto the scientific world but have not been utilized by the public and certainly not in organizational theory and practice as well as in the area of personal development.

These powerful ideas have also found limited application in forming new breakthroughs in the technology fields, even with all of the advances in hardware and software that we have come to experience from day to day.

This work, however, does begin with a new mathematics. This mathematical model is very simple in its structure and in its interpretation.

It forms the basis for understanding physics in a new way as well as the social sciences and everyday experience.

The main intellectual tradition, in the area of the social sciences comes in the form of reinterpreting the specialty of Gestalt Psychology.

This intellectual tradition holds more promise for healing when it has a proper framework than behavioral models which push for outward change, while inward feelings dominate.

May it be true of your life and work that you were willing to take the best that life had to offer rather than holding onto something comfortable.