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Week-Long Retreat


The weeklong retreat is meant to revitalize leaders who need to steer their organizations through difficult waters and individuals who desire to see their relationships more clearly with a better path for improvement.

The weeklong retreat gives both the learning intensity needed for breakthrough insight but also the time to sit back and talk with others who can give perspective in calm and reflective settings.

Before attendance a careful reading of the book and an outcome analysis will be completed.

Each day combines both theory and practice and includes a group social service event.

You will have the chance to participate in a six-month informal online learning experience with those in attendance to help maintain the momentum you were able to create.

This makes it possible to carry over your progress from the ideal learning environment of the retreat to the challenging environment and dynamics of daily life.

Please plan on arriving on a Saturday to settle in to the location and departing the following Saturday.

Time is allowed on Sunday for religious worship for those who prefer and consists of meeting to outline a preferred service activity for the group. A major portion of the retreat fee is dedicated to the service activity and gives the group a chance to see the principles in action.

Fee $ 12,000 USD - includes online sessions of the same trainingĀ for 50 employees.

Group Discount $ 10% Per group of three

Travel $ Depends on current rates

Lodging $ Depends on current rates

A deposit fee of $6000 per organization or $3000 per person is required to secure seating and is non-refundable. In case of cancellation it may be applied to an online workshop format. Please allow for the possibility of a backup participant from your organization in case of emergency cancellation.

10% of the week long retreat is dedicated to service projects of value to the participants.

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