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Three Day


A third day is set aside for total organization focus groups and front-line impact. The first half of the day is set aside for intense focus groups and the second half is set aside for productivity and performance outcome objectives.

The financial payoff for an organization to conduct total organization training at this level is in the millions as the cost of lost productivity, withheld creativity, lost time at work due to employee frustration, and the benefits of organizational sustainability are taken into account.

A full cost and benefit analysis is conducted for all participants in the organization in order to reinforce the payoff that comes with the commitment to change.

The three-day workshop allows for a quick explosion of creativity and new ideas for your organization and includes the online study group at a reduced rate, this allows for a high percentage of retention for new skills and insights.

Day two is set aside for train-the-trainer. A minimum of two and up to three members of your organization will become your core training experts. They will ensure your entire department is working in cohesion given the new and higher level of trust and creativity required.
Your trainers participant in an extensive four-month online learning course, which provides them the basis for high impact teaching and coaching.
The participant survey helps focus on the common factors that may not be fully addressed but are limiting the productivity of your organization and or project.

The participants survey is extensive and involves impact groups outside of your department and organization. It gives a comprehensive view of current challenges not being fully addressed or given resources for resolution.

It also gives a perspective on weaknesses and strengths that must be challenged in order for progress to be made.

A six-month outcome analysis provides a percentage of effectiveness in both the training experience and in the implementation of changes.
Preparation for the three-day workshop requires at least two weeks of preparatory work. Please allow, when possible, at least four weeks advance notice. It is preferred to have one-day workshops scheduled during the first two weeks of the month.

The workshop will be held at a convenient location near your organization. This allows for a new learning environment while remaining available.

Workshop Fee: $1600 USD per person, minimum of ten

Train-the-Trainer $4000 USD per person, minimum of two

Train-the-Trainer Online $2000 USD per person, minimum of two

Day Three Focus Groups $10,000 USD per group up to 100

Cost/Benefit Analysis $3000 USD per group up to 100

Participant Survey: $75 USD per person

Online Study Group $20 USD per person

Six Month Outcome Analysis: $20 USD per person

Travel: $Depends on available rates

Lodging: $Depends on available rates

All fees must be paid one week before the training event, including travel and lodging.

25% of all fees are dedicated to funding service groups.

Three Day Hold Fee:$9,500

The hold fee provides funds that areĀ dedicated to the initial stages of your organization or training experience. Almost 50% of any training event is preparatory work. This means that funds must be available to fund the front end work for the event. The hold fee is non-refundable but can be used to fund online workshops in the case of emergency cancellations to live onsite training sessions.

10% of training fees are dedicated to service projects of value to your organization.

To pay for the hold fee pleaseĀ Click Here

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