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Online Discussion Group


The online discussion group allows for a very intense and involved look into the makeup of your own psychology and those around you who help shape the majority of your life.

It extends to your place of work and helps clarify what is working and what is not working and why.

In the online discussion group you may learn with others in your organization or with others you have never met before.

In the public discussion class an online alias is given in order to allow for the full flow of personal information while protecting your own privacy and identity.

Organization Type:

  • Non-Profit Organization
  • For-Profit Organization
  • Social Organization
  • Religious Organization
$4800 Per group of Ten

$17.95 Book Order

Public Group:

$480 per person

$1200 per group of three

10% of all fees are dedicated to service groups.

To pay for the hold fee pleaseĀ Click Here

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