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New Organization


Any and every new organization deserves and must start out with new wine in new bottles. More human emotion converges during the beginning stages of a new organizational venture than almost any other human experience.

Expectations are high as well as risk. A successful new venture provides the groundwork for a life of wealth, service, and prosperity for not only those who start it but for those remotely connected.

It may be a new church or non-profit venture or a business with a breakthrough product. In any case, it must start out with the ability to root out potential conflict and nourish creativity.

The “New Organization” forum brings to the forefront any human issues that may prove to cause long term difficulty and helps to create an organizational environment of high trust, open communication and creative impact.

Four Month: $480       Online Format

Six Month: $1600       Online Format

One Year: $12,000      Online Format and Includes One Day Workshop

Hold Fee: $1200 per person

The hold fee provides funds that are dedicated to the initial stages of your organization or training experience. Almost 50% of any training event is preparatory work. This means that funds must be available to fund the front end work for the event. The hold fee is non-refundable but can be used to fund online workshops in the case of emergency cancellations to live onsite training sessions.

10% of the new organization costs are dedicated to service projects of value to the participants.

To pay for the hold fee please Click Here

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