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Moments of Choice


Choices are all around us. We arrive at work with our plans for the day.

We see the people we love and ask them what they want to do for the evening.

We greet people with a smile or not-it is our choice.

Choice and moments of choice are all around us.

These are our common choices and they always matter.

There are other moments in which our world and the world around us may be changed for good or diminished. They deal with what may have been lost or will be lost if transformation choices are not made.

What have we lost because we have not made a major change to our personality weak points?

What have we lost because we did not make the phone call to ask someone out on a date?

What have we lost because we were afraid to develop a new idea?

These are the choices that challenge the structure of our lives.

How to make it through these choices is another matter and being able to support each other through them makes all the difference in the world.