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From Conflict to Dissonance


Mileva Dissonance Theory helps us translate a very important branch of human studies called “Gestalt Psychology.” into a usable language.

Dissonance is the opposite of conflict. It is an ability to sense the world directly and in a way that allows us to move in very important and sometimes very unpredictable paths. The very solutions we need emerge just as we need them. They cannot be planned out or forced.

These are true moments of choice-paths of freedom.

The price of conflict is your life, your relationships, your organization and everything you have ever invested your heart, money and time.

The full dynamics of conflict are truly amazing when you open up your view to what lies underneath.

Everyone is confronted with the reality of conflict but some are addicted to it. They thrive on its cultivation and do everything they can to make more and more of it.

They may be able to hide their desires and can be seen trying to solve the very problems they create.

The full range of addition to conflict is called “Self Referencing.” A person who is “Self Referencing” is not able to see the world for what it is or to experience it directly.

In order to make up for this difficulty they fabricate and create the very events and feelings that sustain their broken and fragmented state.

The people and resources around them are just food to keep them going and they live through their relationships rather than with them.

The profound implication is that an entire organization and society can become Self Referencing.

You may not be this type of person but when in conflict you are being invited to become part of that world-the world of being cut off.

When in conflict you do not see the world-you are fabricating a version of it.