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The concepts of “Our Moment of Choice, Walking the Crucible of Our Creation” are derived from a new science and language of living and physical systems:

Mileva Dissonance Theory
Emergent Geometry, Structure and Force
Fermat Space

All three combine to outline one central dynamic that underlies everything in life.

When used to reinterpret the human sciences it helps us form better answers to our most basic questions:

How does the need for conflict arise?

What is creativity?

How do I keep from wounding those most important to me?

How can I heal from the wounds others have given to me?

Why is leadership in organizational life so rare?

How is it that so much creative effort comes to nothing?

When do people change and why do they change?

How can I really make a difference in making my life better?

How can I make a difference in a very large and complex world when my circle of influence is so small?

Can technology be used to create a better world?

How can we learn to really work together?

Why does love come to an end so easily?

How can I save a relationship that I don’t want to end?

When am I free to make changes?

Is every stage of life determined or open?

How does my identity form and what impact does it have on my life and on the life of others?